Borislav Gichev, CEO of SmPro

I have always dreamed of having free time and being able to travel everywhere I wanted. But I grew up in a family where those things were more of a luxury. It has always been my dream to become financially independent and prove everybody it was possible. However, it was not so easy, especially in the past, when no software or information existed. I tried very different things with some success but from everything I tried dropshipping seemed to me as the best option. In the beginning, I made 5$ a month. Most people would give up after the first month, though, I was much more stubborn. Soon enough I was making 300$ a month and that number would only double in size as the months passed by. One of the reasons I believe I became successful was all the hard work I put into this and the fact I never gave up. Now, while my friends work at bars and at other people’s companies, I enjoy spending my free time where I want to, when I want to and with whom I want to.

You might be wondering how I came with the idea of SmPro. The actual reason was the fact that I was spending way too much time manually monitoring every single product I was selling. I was trying to find a way to Automate this whole process. So, in the early beginning of 2015, I asked a close friend of mine to help me build a basic tool which would do that for me. I never intended to release it publicly. However, as time passed by and we developed the tool, I saw the potential in it. What if I could create something more than a tool. Something that can help others too. And that is how the idea of SmPro was born. I wanted to help other like-minded people achieve in a few months what took me years. The whole process of building the software wasn’t easy. There were many problems that kept arising but steadily and surely we moved forward. Now, in 2017 I dare say that this is one of the most stable and reliable products on the market.

Now that I have made this happen, I want to further dedicate myself to new possibilities of dropshipping. Every nuance and change in the industry will be reflected on our platform. It is my firm belief that if I can succeed so can you!

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